Friday, February 18, 2011

CSA share for this week....

Urban Oaks' Organic grown ARUGULA
Urban Oaks' Organic grown Soup Mix (Kales, Collards, Chard, Mustards)
Orgainc Celery
Orgainc Celeriac (this tastes great in mashed potatoes or grated raw in
Orgainc Leeks
Orgainc Green Leaf Lettuce
Orgainc Lacinata Kale
Orgainc Green D'anjou Pears  
Orgainc Nugget Tangerines
Orgainc Acorn Squash

hmmm.....    Arugula is easy, salads, sandwiches...    The soup mix I usually separate out and use the different components in stuff.....   The celery and celeriac?   Maybe a braised celery....  and there was a recipe for a polenta with celeriac that sounded tasty...   

Leeks can be in anything.    I wish they'd quit with the lettuce.   Salads are not a winter thing.   

Kale!  Pears! Tangerines!   Squash!  (I do wish they'd give us the more interesting squashes, though...   the Kabocha)


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