Monday, March 26, 2012

Tofu pudding, take 2, and how I'm eating....

So, I did some more with the tofu pudding idea.   Frozen mango, a little bit of homemade butterscotch (sugar caramelized with a little teeny bit of butter) and vanilla.   Not bad.   The mango is strong enough to give the tofu a whammy so it doesn't taste so tofu-like.

I've found that I do better with a smaller breakfast, with a lot of protein.   I suspect I am going to become one of those "dinner for breakfast" people.  When I was naturally slimmer, that seemed to be what worked for me...   and then the carbs for dinner.  If I eat protein for dinner, I'm usually awake and don't sleep, but if I have oatmeal before bed, I sleep well...   yes, I am strange.   So lunch will have to be the "interesting" meal.  

I'm a little bummed at Whole Paycheck.  Udis (aka the only gluten-free bread that tastes at all decent) came out with a great high-fiber loaf.  I found it there once, and then apparently they discontinued it.   grrrrrrrrrr.  Oh they would be happy to special-order it for me...  I WANT to just be able to go to the store, get the bread I need for the week...  but God Forbid.