Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Quick clam chowder

This is more of a guideline rather than an actual recipe, but can be tweaked depending on what you have in the house or dislike.  I'm not a fan of celery, for example, so I left it out.  A handheld slicer makes this fast, as you can zip zip right into the pot.

Canned chopped clams

(Optional ingredients, carrots, celery, frozen corn, chicken broth)

For one can of clams I used one onion, one large potato and two carrots.  You could make this a Manhattan chowder by replacing the milk and cream with a small v8 and canned tomatoes.

Start by slicing the onion into a pot with a little oil.

Brown the onions, then slice the potato into the pot.

 Followed by the carrots (and celery if you use it)

Then add milk and water (or chicken broth, or v8/tomatoes). Cook until potatoes and carrots are soft.  Then add the clams and juice from the can.  This is also when you would add corn. 
Then finish with cream and dill right before serving, add, heat through, and serve.