Monday, August 13, 2012

Life runs amok.

Amok, amok, amok.   Sorry its been so long since I've updated, its been a busy summer.    I got a promotion at work, which means I've been spending less time cooking.  But I have come up with some great, simple summer salads (no pics, unfortunately) to try and use up the abundance known as the CSA flood of PRODUCE.

mmmmmm yummylicious.


So we got watermelon in our CSA shares.   mmmm watermelon.    So I've been making a quick salad with watermelon, cukes, a dash of feta cheese, and a splash of pomegranate vinegar.

(which leads to a sidebar, there used to be all kinds of funky vinegars on the market, and now? nothing.  Did the funky vinegar company go bankrupt or something?)

We also had green beans.    And potatoes...I bet you know where I'm going with this....well, almost.   Salade nicoise, but with smoked salmon instead of tuna.  (still not a huge tuna fan).

The other night,  for dinner, I wasn't terribly hungry, so just sliced up cucumber, added a smear of sour cream (another sidebar, someone is FINALLY making a small container of organic sour cream!) and some smoked salmon  (I went to Costco, been eating a fair amount of smoked salmon)

Now, any ideas for beets or carrots?   (I had made a carrot top soup earlier in the summer, but alas, never posted the recipe).