Monday, June 28, 2010

A light Summer Dinner

So I'd bought some lovely fresh arugula at the Farmer's Market on Sat, and I had some Smoked Salmon at home, and some Red Peppers...  so I made a lovely, light, gluten-free dinner out of spring rolls...

Rice paper wrappers stuffed with the arugula, red peppers, and smoked salmon.  Its easy.   Just have everything you want to put in prepped.. Have a bowl of water to dip the rice paper in, and a flat surface to assemble!  
Dip the wrapper just for about two seconds, and lay it out.  put the arugula on top, then the red pepper, and top with the salmon.  Fold up the sides and the ends, and voila!

If I'd wanted to take it up a notch, I would have added some pesto or basil in the mix, but as it was, it was light, filling and scrumptious!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gluten-free going mainstream....

More and more articles are publishing info on going gluten-free, intolerance, and celiac.   The latest article I've read was in BHG's July issue.  Unfortunately, they do not seem to have it posted online, but it is a nice little overview of gluten issues, along with some good links on gluten intolerance/celiac.  

I'm appreciative of this because, even though it is more mainstream, most gluten-free stuff is higher-cal/lower fiber than the conventional foods, and the article mentions this.    I do wish they'd also included a reading list of books and other resources for gluten-free living...

My favorite one, of course, is by Jax Peters Lowell.   But there are also some great cookbooks out there that are either gluten-free or can be adapted to be gluten-free.    I love Raw Food cookbooks for that reason...  although they have a lot of sprouted wheat, sprouted barley, they have a lot of other ideas that can be successful for gluten-free living.  The soups, the desserts, in particular...  

Friday, June 25, 2010

Eep, its been a while.

Ok, I need to start updating this blog more regularly...I've been a little distracted with Real Life and the heat  recently.  I haven't really wanted to cook and heat up the house.   In that spirit, let me talk a little bit about quick g-f summer meals that I toss together that don't require a lot of cooking...

There's always salad:  a bed of arugula with some grilled leg of lamb, garlic scapes.   Or cold potatoes, diced, with a little bit of mayo and langoustine tails from Trader Joes.

Unfortunately I usually have the tendency in summer to just grab a hunk of cheese.. or some cold meat.   My summer eating habits are not spectacular....  apart from the fruit and raw milk that I get at the market.

I've been eating tons of cherries from the Farmer's market.   mmmmm cherries.  

I keep meaning to make gazpacho.   I do it very simply, in the blender, and I think that will be my next post.