Friday, May 2, 2014

Things to watch out for if you are cooking for a celiac...

Gluten lurks in unlikely places.  It can lurk in a spice or coffee grinder, when someone uses stale bread to clean it out.   In the oil of a fryer.  In condiments, and not just soy sauce.  If you've ever dipped a knife in jam or mayo and then spread it on glutenous bread...  then contamination!  Bouillion cubes, puddings, boxed rice mixes... Even sugar, if you have been baking, and scoop the flour first.

It can be the crumbs on the counter, or hidden in the crevices of a cutting board.    A Measuring cup, a sieve, a pastry cutter (some people use them to chop eggs for egg salad).  

If someone eats a gluteny snack, then reaches into my gluten-free snacks...contamination!  

It is easy to avoid, though.  Wipe down, wash up.

Wash everything before using it.   If you are using a spice grinder, run rice through it a couple of times to clean it out before using it.

Have a dedicated gluten-free cutting board, maybe sieve, and colander.  

Open fresh condiments.   Fresh mayo, jam, etc. And maybe label them gluten-free.  Use a fresh spoon in them each time.

Cook simply.  Roast chicken.   Rice (just watch what you put in it, butter can also have crumbs!), simple salad with a vinegar dressing.

That being said.  With all these opportunities for contamination, I think I'll just stay home :)

What unlikely thing has gotten you with gluten?