Friday, May 14, 2010

Studies I would like to see:

I know this isn't technically a post that should go here, but I thought it would be an interesting thing to think about, since technically celiac is an autoimmune disorder.   I was on the ubiquitous Facebook this morning, and a friend of mine posted about her son's peanut allergy.   I had also posted, on my other blog, something about why I eat organic.  And I had been having a conversation with my mother in which we had been talking about studies we'd like to see.

I'd like to see a study on food allergies in kids raised in developing countries/the Amish/organic farms, vs kids raised in Europe vs kids in the States.   Basically kids eating less processed/pre-prepared foods vs fresher foods.   I suspect that its the processed foods that are the culprits.  

I'd love to see real studies, long term, on different kinds of eating habits.   There was a time, not long ago, in this country, where we had people eating doughnuts fried in lard, home-made french fries, tongue, liver, organ meats.   As well as canned food, preserves, fresh fruit in season.     Now, yes you can get doughnuts, but they are usually Dunkin', and filled with stuff.   And you have to wonder, with all the toxins we are encouraged to ingest...   I see people shopping at Whole Foods, vegans, who buy the vegan cheeses, the tofu foods, the frozen foods.   Are they healthier than the person who eats locally raised meats, veggies from the farmer's markets and the occasional French Fry?  I'd like to see studies on what women eat/wear/use for cosmetics and their children's health.  I suspect that some of the high incidence of autism/learning disorders/food allergies are linked to pesticides, or maybe to feedlot meat.  Maybe even a study showing comparative spending and health.  I know a lot of poorer people in Baltimore would make the effort to go to the Farmer's market to buy healthy stuff.  I know in Europe, they spend a lot more on food per person than we do here.    

What studies would you like to see about food and food allergies?

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