Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gluten-free, locally. Eating out.

So previously, eating out has been a challenge.  But there are more and more places making gluten-free food, which is incredible.  Some of it is vile, Olive Garden is a wonderful example of that.   But yesterday I had an amazing veggie burger on a gluten-free bun.    And the veggie burger was gluten-free!  And I've had gluten-free pizza that wasn't too bad, although it needed more cheese.   And one restaurant has a gluten-free menu!   (P.F. Chang's) with the most amazing chocolate dessert ever.  

Its really amazing.   Its becoming much less strange to ask for gluten-free...  although I do wonder why the sudden upsurge.  I suspect in part it is because restaurants are looking for a new niche.   In part more people may be being diagnosed with celiac, which worries me on another level...  we have so many food allergies these days...

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