Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gluten-free travels: Spain, in retrospect.

The one thing I wished I'd done differently is done some more research into things I could eat. I ended up feeling like I was being a bit of a pest. Part of the problem was being with a tour group, and not really having a lot of control over where we ate or went. We ended up being in a lot of 'touristy' areas, which didn't necessarily have stuff I could eat. I also should have asked the guys to write something out for me that I could use to communicate with waiters, etc.

That being said, there were some fantastic moments. There is always potato tortilla or cafe con leche, or even ice cream! When we got to Barcelona there was fabulous, fabulous paella... yum! There was marinated octopus, there were all kinds of fantastic things...

The only food I, unfortunately, have a picture of, is the paella. A good food blogger I am not.

Here it is, in all its sunshiny glory:

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