Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Potato, potato, potato.....

So I´m in Spain, in Madrid. So far, in the past couple of days, I´ve had a lot of potato. There was a marinated potato salad with cukes and tomato the first night, there have been potato tortilla (like an omelet, but room temp, with potato) for breakfast yesterday and today, and for lunch today? (almost didn´t find the question mark) You guessed it! Potato tortilla. I´m going to need a cholesterol test after this summer!

Its still very tasty, last night I had a wonderful salad, with lots of fresh lettuce, tuna, tomato...... I´m not sure what´s for dinner tonight, but I´m sure its wonderful. You can´t let a little thing like a food allergy stop you from experiencing the wonders of another culture. I take a piece of fruit from breakfast every morning, so I know I´ll be able to have a snack. And I have a secret choir directors speak Spanish! So just chase them down (or do what I did and ´get lost´so they have to find you!).

I´ll give an update in a couple of days!

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