Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gluten-free, locally.

hmmm, the title rhymes. tsk tsk tsk. Its amazing how popular gluten-free products are becoming, though, which is the inspiration for this post. In some ways, I'm finding more and more gluten-free products that are local. I ran by a health-food store in Simsbury, CT, and found carrot cakes, coconut cupcakes, and other gluten-free goodies, from CT (this is a branch of the main store, where they bake the goodies). I also found Bob's Red Mill Gluten-free oats there too...something Whole Foods refuses to carry, for some unknown reason.

I then went to the farmer's market at Whole Foods, and found this woman:

She has all kinds of gluten-free treats. And is willing to take on challenges.
She also suggested a place in Vernon, CT where I can get a gluten-free baguette, called Nature's Grocer. hmmmmmm. That is good to know! Apparently the wife is celiac, the couple was retired, but started a second life as health-food store owners, and bake all kinds of breads.

I just checked out their site. Gluten-free ravioli and tortellini!!!!!!


I am so happy having more and more options...yay! What are some of your local gluten-free options? (because lets face it, not many people want to bake their own bread during the summer and its nice to pick up something local, and handmade, rather than frozen and bulk-shipped). Even if I have to make a trek for it, its worth it.

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