Monday, June 28, 2010

A light Summer Dinner

So I'd bought some lovely fresh arugula at the Farmer's Market on Sat, and I had some Smoked Salmon at home, and some Red Peppers...  so I made a lovely, light, gluten-free dinner out of spring rolls...

Rice paper wrappers stuffed with the arugula, red peppers, and smoked salmon.  Its easy.   Just have everything you want to put in prepped.. Have a bowl of water to dip the rice paper in, and a flat surface to assemble!  
Dip the wrapper just for about two seconds, and lay it out.  put the arugula on top, then the red pepper, and top with the salmon.  Fold up the sides and the ends, and voila!

If I'd wanted to take it up a notch, I would have added some pesto or basil in the mix, but as it was, it was light, filling and scrumptious!

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