Friday, June 25, 2010

Eep, its been a while.

Ok, I need to start updating this blog more regularly...I've been a little distracted with Real Life and the heat  recently.  I haven't really wanted to cook and heat up the house.   In that spirit, let me talk a little bit about quick g-f summer meals that I toss together that don't require a lot of cooking...

There's always salad:  a bed of arugula with some grilled leg of lamb, garlic scapes.   Or cold potatoes, diced, with a little bit of mayo and langoustine tails from Trader Joes.

Unfortunately I usually have the tendency in summer to just grab a hunk of cheese.. or some cold meat.   My summer eating habits are not spectacular....  apart from the fruit and raw milk that I get at the market.

I've been eating tons of cherries from the Farmer's market.   mmmmm cherries.  

I keep meaning to make gazpacho.   I do it very simply, in the blender, and I think that will be my next post.

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