Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gluten-free on the Queen Mary II

Ok, so the II doesn't rhyme...heh. The rest works. I was quite impressed, for the most part, with the service on the boat. The first evening wasn't as good, I had a small exposure with dessert, and I was a little afraid that I was going to get meals with no sauces, dressings, etc. I had introduced myself to the assistant maitre d' on boarding, but that wasn't enough. It was only after I ended up introducing myself to the Maitre D (I had to request a different table, because my initial dining companions only spoke German) that the service became amazing.

At dinner, every evening, they would bring me the lunch and dinner menus for the next day. I would mark off what I wanted (my tablemates actually quite enjoyed this, because they got a preview of the coming attractions), and then they would make it. I played it safe until mid-voyage, because of nervousness due to the first dinner, and then ordered something wild and crazy, a pasta dish.. it was GORGEOUS! The picture is up on top..

I wish, in retrospect, that I'd thrown caution to the winds earlier, on that trip. You end up having to be so careful in daily life that even in safe places, its hard to relax. Its hard to leave it up to others.... They started bringing me gluten-free bread, petit fours, I even had a gluten-free English tea. (The only thing I wish they could have done was come up with a scone I could have)...

There are safe travel options, and if you are clear and upfront, you will get the most amazing service. Real food, and real cruise overfeeding (I still managed to lose weight though...)

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