Saturday, May 3, 2008

My first gluten-free failure..

So I had a pretty good track record for making different things, until yesterdays attempt at making gluten-free cherry-chocolate-oatmeal cookies. I tried them straight out of the oven, and they were good, or so I thought. Put them on a plate and took them to a friend's reception (graduate music recital..he was AMAZING). Saw someone trying to eat one, tried them. Eeeeeek!

They were rock cakes. Literally.

So this morning I started playing with the leftover batter. Added some melted butter and an egg yolk.. and some more cherries and chocolate. You can never have enough cherries or chocolate.

Baked at a lower temp. These are more crumbly... but I just tried a cooled one, and I think they are better. Time to bake them up for the choir....

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