Sunday, April 27, 2008

Product reviews!!

Ok. I've found a few new gluten-free products so here they are, and where to find them:

The wonder of Ikea...they have a gluten-free almond cake in the cafeteria, which you can also buy in their food shop. I also picked up the most addictive marshmallow confection there..the chocolate isn't great, but the marshmallow is everything marshmallow should be. It would make a great addition (almost typed addiction, which it is too) to a 'romantic' evening.... so get the Krusboll Swedisch Marshmallow Confection too. I also found a blueberry 'cake' that looks to be gluten-free. So definitely hit your Ikea Food Shop.

Whole Foods has come out with two new breads: Gluten-free oat bread and Sourdough. They are very similar at first glance on the shelves, both being round. The Oat Bread was fabulous, good flavor, moisture, etc. The Sourdough I am less thrilled with. Its got a tang to it, yes, but its somewhat dry and crumbly. I couldn't find a loaf with an intact top, and it shattered when I sliced it. But if you like sourdough, it is a reasonable approximation.

Lastly, Trader Joes. Ahhh Trader Joes, I love thee, except when you discontinue the stuff I actually like. Now, you all need to go out and buy this so that they never, ever discontinue it. They have made a brown rice tortilla that actually folds. It doesn't shatter, it doesn't fragment, or do strange things. It folds over, and you can actually eat it without having to hold a bowl under your chin for bits of tortilla. Their gluten-free peanut butter cookies are tasty too (in the frozen section)

So what new, strange, gluten-free items have you discovered? Tell me about them!

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