Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Quick Cucumber salad. (and a green juice suggestion)

The cucumbers are in and are bountiful!  Some of us will be pickling as well, but, in the meantime, a slightly different cucumber salad...

Someone shared a post on The Book Of Face of their twist of an Indian-inspired salad with peanuts.

So, since I'm not such a peanut fan...  I came up with this adaptation of an adaptation.  No amounts, because its basically to taste...



unsweetened coconut flakes (I used the big, fat, organic ones that look like someone used a veggie peeler on a coconut)

oil (or ghee)
cumin seeds
mustard seeds
chili oil (or fresh chili pepper to taste)

white balsamic or apple cider vinegar


slice the cukes into a bowl, (I used a mandoline for thin slices)  If you are using a fresh chili, dice it up and add it here.  

Put some oil into a pan, toast the cumin and mustard seeds in the oil until they start popping, remove from heat, add chili oil to taste.  add the vinegar to taste and dress the cukes with the mixture

Toast cashews and coconut in a dry skillet and add them and the salt right before serving.

Cucumber-pear juice

Juice a large cucumber or two.  Juice a pear.  

Add chopped Thai basil, salt, and a splash of balsamic vinegar.   Serve cold.

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