Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Deconstructed Sushi Salad...

So, this was born out of necessity.   The CSA is giving us cukes, cukes, and more cukes.

No quantities, just however much you want to serve people...  (I'm a casual cook)

I cooked up some black rice.

While that was cooking, I diced (medium dice) up two cukes, a scallion (you could use two) and some green garlic (or just use a little microplaned garlic in the dressing).  I cubed up an avocado, and tossed it with a dressing of rice wine vinegar and tamari, combined everything, including the cooked rice, added a handful of crumbled nori and some pine nuts, and voila!  dinner!

(No pic, I was hungry enough that I inhaled the whole thing, and then went for seconds)

You could add shrimp or salmon, if you wanted some protein, but if not, this makes a lovely vegan lunch/light dinner.

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Lyn said...

Come back! Miss ya!