Thursday, May 23, 2013

Steak Tartare, it is what's for dinner.

One of the foods I love is steak tartare.   I always lowed raw hamburger as a kid, and when I tried steak tartare at the age of 10 (?) in France, I loved it.   It has always been an occasional treat, as the only way I am comfortable eating raw American meat is when I know where it came from.   And sorry, Whole Paycheck, but no...  that does not include you.

So I decided that I needed a nice, light, summer supper, since it has been swinging from beastly hot to bloody cold.  (Today is humidity central, ugh).  

I went to the farmer's market on Sat, and got a nice piece of top round from our local butcher there.  It was packed April 15, and frozen.  A lovely lean piece of meat.

I picked up some capers and cornichons from Trader Joes.   And GAME on.

Chopped up the capers:

Chopped up the cornichons:
Chopped up some green onion, and mixed it together with a dollop of worcestershire sauce.
Then cubed the meat and ran it through a meat grinder on the largest setting.
Mixed the meat with the greenstuff, piled it on a plate, and dolloped an egg yolk in the center.
Served with fresh asparagus.  YUM

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